Uzumlu Car Rental

Car Hire Üzümlü

Üzümlü is a beautiful village with green fields and breathtaking scenery of Taurus mountains and pine forests. Authentic Turkish life still exists in this Ottoman village. If you are looking for an extraordinary place to live, this is the right place. Üzümlü has its own municipality that makes it easier for official matters ( registrations, building administration, potable water, street cleaning, garbage,etc.). There are public buses and minibuses to Fethiye centre.

The local market is every Friday, where you can acquire vegetables, clothes and local weaving, Native people still live from agriculture and weaving. Üzümlü means 'grape place' and of course it is a wine-growing district and famous with its local wine.

Since 2001 British, German, Dutch, Scandinavian and other nationalities are buying and building holiday homes or live all year around. But the same time Üzümlü never lost its quiet and peaceful evironment.

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